Bundlr – an amazingly easy to use content curation tool

My perfect day usually consists of reading articles on education and/or technology which I find through my amazing Twitter PLN, on the Zite app or my Facebook feed to name a few. Usually I save the articles to Pocket to read later and the best ones I save to an Evernote folder so I can save and search them later. In January I opened my website ingvihrannar.com and was looking for a simple tool to quickly select the best articles, websites and videos I find on the web, organise them and share with my readers. I had used Storify before and liked it when I’m collecting all the tweets from the Icelandic Educational Twitter chat I host, but Storify doesn’t do what I wanted to do with articles, videos and websites.

Enter Bundlr…. wow!

After searching and asking around for this tool I found Bundlr. An amazingly easy to use content curation tool where I can embed my lists straight to my website and it automatically updates. I love this. Saving stuff and sharing it on my website has never been easier. Just one button by using “Bundle This!” which is Bundlrʼs browser button. All the content is selected by me and there is no automatic content generation. All my Bundlr’s are handpicked by me and makes a great place to save my favourite stuff to share with others (you can see an example of my Bundlr embedded sites here and here). I still save most of them to Evernote so I can search them later easily but Bundlr makes it easy for me to share them with readers.

Bundlr is very easy to use and allows me to compile a large quantity of information in one place with the press of a button (or copy the link, open the app and press ‘add’ and select the folder I want it saved in). What makes it good as well is the collaboration feature where many people can add to a single Bundle, perfect for a group of teachers, co-workers, a class or a group of chef’s at a restaurant finding recipes to name a few.

I simply love it and it made it easy for me to share my favourite stuff online with my readers with the press of one button (either with the Chrome extension or the Bundlr app).

This is the best Portuguese product since Cristiano Ronaldo.

Thanks Bundlr for making something complicated so ridiculously simple.

Get the Bundlr app (iOS / Android) and create you own account here

Ingvi Hrannar

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