Essential traits and skills for future success

Webucator asked me the other day to share with them what I consider to be the essential skills for success, how I acquired or plan to acquire them, and why it’s so indispensable for people going into the workforce.

When you hear someone is successful, sadly that means that person has a lot of money. Sure money is important so that you can pay rent and food but if all you focus on is getting money you’ll forget the important stuff. To me success is making other people happy and living a life true to yourself. Being successful is not being rich but making other peoples life richer.

As an educator I think a lot about what our young people need to have in order to be successful throughout their life. Here is what came to mind first… but surely there is something missing.

6 traits and mindsets you need to be happy:

1. Do the things that make you happy and live a life true to yourself. -> one of your biggest challenges is being yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you like everyone else.

3. Take care of yourself -> then you can take care of others.

4. Don’t chase the money -> chase a career you would love and the money will follow.

5. Express your feelings -> before you know it, it will be too late.

6. Spend more time with family and friends -> they are the most important thing in your life.

3 skills you should work on that I think are important for future success:


Why? The most important skills anyone possesses are his communication skills. It doesn’t matter what you do in life, this is always most important. If you can communicate with other people you can also collaborate with them.

How? You are building your communication skills your entire life. There are two things I highly recommend; Smile and listen. If you can do those two things then you’re on the right track.

2. Teamwork

Why? If you can work effectively in a team then you can do well in any job.

How? If you want to train your team working skills then I suggest you join a team (could be sports, dance, theatregroup… anything where you work with other people at something you like). Being a part of a team teaches you to work with others and that the world doesn’t evolve around you.

3. Trying new things, embracing failure and reflecting on experience

Why? If you don’t try new things then you’ll never learn anything new. Many people fear trying new things because they are afraid to fail. Failure is important but failing without reflecting on it teaches you nothing. Try something new, go outside the box and don’t be afraid to fail. When you do fail, think about what went wrong and try again.

How? Try for one week to do something new every day and write about it (I suggest you create a site to keep track of it). Write about what you tried, how it went and why. This will help you go out of your comfort zone and do things you were to afraid to try before… even though it’s just small stuff to begin with.

I hope this was beneficial to you, it got me thinking at least.

Have a great day.

Ingvi Hrannar Ómarsson

Educator and Entrepreneur, Iceland.

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Ingvi Hrannar Ómarsson

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