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My guest today is fellow ADE and Sphero Hero, Leah Lacrosse.

She is a 8th grade science teacher in Huron, Ohio. She has been in education for 20 years, and loves it! Her two passions are using technology and strengthening science communication skills and those seem to work well together. From multi-touch books to videos and sketchnotes, She asks students to bring it all together for sharing their science. Loves robots in education. Works with Sphero, 3D Printers, drones, Lego Mindstorms, and more to bring science concepts alive. In her spare time, she’s a runner (5 time marathoner), mushroom hunter, quilter, avid reader, and biomimicry enthusiast. Our conversaition goes into technology, education, 3D printing, Sphero, Coding and much more.

Find her on Twitter @LLacrosse

Instagram @LacrosseScience

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