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My Story

My name is Ingvi Hrannar and I’m an Icelandic Educator, Entrepreneur, Public Speaker, Tech Coach and Lead Learner at Skagafjordur School District
My main interest are education, design, technology and sports.

The opinions expressed on this blog are my own and do not reflect the views of my employers.


Educational Philosophy

This is a working document which will never be finished.

“A connected educator is constantly saying; I do it this way right now, but is there a better way out there somewhere?”

I believe in using technology to enhance teaching and learning. I think we should increase school freedom and greatly reduce our focus on standardized testing because that narrows the curriculum. I’m a big fan of Genius Hour in schools.


I am the co-host of #menntaspjall. The Only Icelandic Weekly Twitter Chat every other Sunday between 11-12 (GMT)

You can read about it here


I co-host Menntavarp along side Ragnar Þór Pétursson – an education Podcast hosted every other Monday between 17-17.30 through Google Hangout and broadcasted live on YouTube.

You can find all the episodes of Menntavarp on

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