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My name is Ingvi Hrannar Ómarsson. I’m an Icelandic elementary teacher, Entrepreneur, Tech Coordinator, Lead Learner & Speaker. Interested in making education more fun, engaging, creative and relevant to the world we live in and passionate about the school of the future.

Co-Host of #menntaspjall – the Icelandic Educational Chat – Every other sunday at 11.00 GMT on Twitter

I also Co-Host Menntavarp along side Ragnar Þór Pétursson – an education Podcast hosted every other Monday between 17-17.30 through Google Hangout and broadcasted live on YouTube.

You can find all the episodes of Menntavarp on https://tackk.com/menntavarp


The Changing Earth: Iceland Update 2 from LT Media Lab on Vimeo.

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