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  • April 15, 2014

I often come across or I’m pointed towards a new app, website or platform but rarely am I blown away by it. Usually it is something very similar to something I’ve already tried but in most cases it’s just fancy stuff that, at it’s core, is useless.
But every once in a while I’m blown away and that’s excacly what happened when I started using Tackk.

I think most of us have had the dilemma of having to create an invite to an event and turn to Facebook for a boring old event invitation, or wanting to post your thoughts but not having a blog and Twitter is just too short. Creating a flyer in Photoshop takes both skill and most importantly your precious time and is usually just ugly with both bad fonts and color schemes. Then it is printed out and hung up on a bulletin board at the supermarket…. honestly, who looks there?

Meet Tackk, straight out of Cleveland, Ohio. At first it seems like it’s just your everyday blogging platform like Tumblr. But once you start using it you see how ridiculously simple it is… and you can create anything, share it anywhere, get a unique URL and edit this live document at any time… not a static .pdf

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 16.47.50

If you go to Tackk.com you can, without signing up, create any type of post; like party invitations, a flyer to a bake sale, a promotion for your event, you can tell about your trip, write your thoughts on something or whatever else you can think of. In just a matter of minutes you can share this with friends and family through Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr, e-mail, embed on a website… you name it. If you sign-up then your site will always be up while non sign-up pages are deleted after a week.

The service is so ridiculously simple that I can’t write much more to explain it… but then again, this video from the Tackk team explains it so much better:

Tackk is so simple and beautiful that you can’t really fail and it is impossible to make an ugly Tackk. They are all beautiful!

You should try Tackk for yourself for your next event, blog post, announcement or when you want to sell something.


As with most web tools and apps I test I’m always trying to find benefit in education. I ask myself: “How could my students use this or how could I as a connected educator use this?”

Tackk is so brilliant because of its simplicity and its ease of use helps in the Educational environment. The no sign-up is cool as well because if they can often be a hassle, especially for young students or one time collaborative projects, to decide who’s account should it be on, sentences like I don’t have an e-mail etc. is history. But I’d still sign up because I want to keep my own and my students work for more than a week (+ it is free to sign up).

Here are some ideas on how it can be used in schools:

Tackk for Teachers:

  • Blog to share their knowledge and ideas with others and get feedback.
  • Lesson plans for students and parents as live documents that can be changed instead of static .pdf’s.
  • Flipped site where you embed videos on a topic with text & pictures and students can access anytime, anywhere.
  • Parent communications like a class blog or invites to the school events like the school play or parent/teacher conferences etc.

Tackk for students:

  • Online portfolio to display their work.
  • Organize research findings.
  • Book reports
  • A single class assignments where students display their knowledge in writing, pictures, audio or videos.
  • Persuasive writing.
  • …and sooooo much more.

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 17.42.44

What is great about Tackk is that a site can be created on any tablet, smartphone or computer as long as it is connected to the internet and can be viewed on any of those devices as well. No app needed to download and install before you can use it. It is honestly ridiculously simple and is now the new standard of how promotions and live documents are made.

Thank you Tackk or as we would say in Icelandic; Takk Tackk.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it.

Ingvi Hrannar Ómarsson,
Icelandic Educator, Entrepreneur & Tech Specialist interested in the future of education.


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